Lead Scientist medical isotopes

The FIELD-LAB is a consortium of academic and industrial partners in which new medical isotopes and radiopharmaceuticals are developed from research to clinical application. For the development of new medical isotopes, we are looking for a:

Lead Scientist medical isotopes



As Lead Scientist, you will work within the Research and Development Processing Team. This team is responsible for the development of new processes for medical isotopes. As Lead Scientist, you are responsible for the development of innovative processes and for performing an effective set of experiments to achieve good quality. You coordinate lab staff in a project-based manner, provide input to process engineers for the development of process equipment, and, together with the project manager, determine which activities are necessary for a good process- and product quality. You will report to the R&D manager Advancing Nuclear Medicine.

Within the Research and Development Processing Team, you will be responsible for the development of the entire process to make a new medical isotope. From qualification of the enriched material for irradiation, development of the purification process after irradiation, to qualification of the developed isotope for the preparation of end products. For the latter, you are in regular contact with partners who develop end products. You are driven to find out what they anticipate they will need to develop good end products, and can justify internally when extra work is needed and motivate your colleagues for this. You oversee the consequences of steps early in the chain, or of lateral processes, on the quality of the product, and are solution-oriented to come to a renewed approach to the project.

From a ‘prototype process’ level the projects need to be scaled up, automated and optimised by the Commercial Processing Team. As Lead Scientist, at the current stage of the project, you have the responsibility to develop a robust process, that is to say a standard and reliable process with consistent product quality. The final goal of the developments is implementation in the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) FIELD-LAB facilities and the supply of medical isotopes to partners or customers for the preparation of end products.

Together with the project team, you will be responsible for:

Bench-to-bedside development of new medical isotopes in collaboration with academic and industrial partners;

From a prototype process in the R&D lab, and a robust process, to the transfer and implementation of the process in the FIELD-LAB GMP facilities;

Scaling up, automating and optimising the process to deliver commercial quantities to the market in the future.

As Lead Scientist medical isotopes, you will be tasked with defining and securing the content quality within the project in line with the project objectives. This requires a combination of substantive understanding and steering where necessary with (project) management, focused on the market perspective. You are aware of developments in the field, including preclinical, clinical and commercial areas, and share relevant developments with the team. Of importance for the GMP implementation of the developed process is writing and reviewing, and documenting of relevant information from the development and verification of the processes.

You also play an important role in ensuring safety in the work to be performed. Within NRG’s complex nuclear environment, you know how to properly inform and motivate all those involved in the project in order to achieve the project’s goal. In doing so, you take into account the interaction between the various stakeholders and direct the project on the basis of content.

What awaits you as Lead Scientist medical isotopes:

  • As Lead Scientist medical isotopes, you will be given challenging projects with great personal responsibility, where end-user requirements combined with strict safety and quality requirements are of great importance;
  • We want you to learn from the experts in the field. You will therefore work closely with staff from the FIELD-LAB team, within NRG and with external parties;
  • A personal development plan will also be drawn up and designed together with you;
  • Enthusiastic colleagues and a good team atmosphere.


As Lead Scientist medical isotopes, you have demonstrable experience within nuclear medicine, radiochemistry, clinical radiochemistry, or other relevant field, and preferably specifically in the development of radioactive products for medical application. You should be able to work and think project-based. You must be able to set up the project approach, be able to estimate and pursue the timelines required for development, and be able to oversee and communicate when and what adjustments to the approach are required to achieve the objectives. Furthermore, you have an affinity with (process) engineering and can assess whether technical solutions meet process requirements. Experience with automation of (radio)chemical processes is an advantage. You are able to master, or already know, the nuclear content and knowledge of current NRG (safety) procedures. You are also able to build up a good working relationship and communicate well with (external) experts in the field of Quality Assurance, Quality Control and GMP as well as with chain management within NRG for the irradiation of isotopes.

Specific requirements:

  • Minimum PhD working and thinking level in a radiochemical, nuclear medical and/or engineering field;
  • Preferably more than 10 years, but at least 6 years’ experience in development of nuclear medical products and translation from R&D to production for clinical trials;
  • You get excited by complex, multidisciplinary projects with lots of challenges. You are driven and have perseverance, and work purposefully with high quality and safety awareness;
  • You can work well together, are able to motivate your colleagues, and communicate clearly both verbally and in writing;
  • You can independently think up and propose new developments and solutions and take the initiative to actually implement changes;
  • You are realistic and work project-based towards the best solution to achieve the intended result.

Terms of employment

Besides an interesting position and meaningful work, NRG also offers you good terms of employment.

Modern employment conditions package in line with the market

  • A gross monthly salary between €4,500 – €5,900 (based on full-time employment);
  • 27 vacation days and 12 days of flex time (based on a fulltime contract;
  • 8.3% year-end bonus and 8% vacation allowance;
  • Pension with the ABP; NRG pays 74% of the premium;
  • Commuting expenses are reimbursed at € 0.23 per k/m

up to a maximum of 50 km one way;

  • A travel allowance and mobility budget of € 5,000 net (paid once, if you live 1.5 hours travel distance from our work location);
  • A moving allowance if you do not live in the Netherlands. This concerns an amount up to a maximum of € 2,750 which you can declare to our finance department.

Personal development

  • An onboarding program for everyone new to the company;
  • An annual training budget and room for your own wishes.

Flexibility and work-life balance

  • Possibility to buy 2 weeks extra leave per year;
  • Partially working from home is an option.

Fun activities

  • An active staff association that organizes many social and sporting events every year;
  • The opportunity during your lunch break to take a walk in the beautiful dune area or to use our fine company restaurant.

Information & application

Learn more about this position or our company, please contact our corporate recruiter Nancy Roggeveen at 06-15590245 or email hr@nrg.eu.

For more information about our company, check out our corporate company page www.nrg.eu.

Information & Application.

If you are interested in this position please contact our corporate recruiter Nancy Roggeveen at 06-15590245 or email recruitment@nrg.eu.

A security screening (Verklaring Omtrent Gedrag) is part of the selection procedure.

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